11 Feb 2011

Email Marketing Warms Up Winter Sales

Case Studies

Service Experts LLC, a division of Lennox International, Inc., is one of North America’s largest HVAC repair and replacement companies.  The Company has over $600 million annual revenue from more than 110 co-branded Service Centers throughout the US and Canada.

Business Objective

The HVAC business is highly commoditized and dominated by Mom-and-Pop “One-Truck” operators. Consumers have little awareness of, or loyalty to any individual provider and don’t think about their heater or air conditioner until it breaks down.

Digital Touchpoint worked with client management to develop a unique email marketing program to build brand loyalty by engaging homeowners in the Service Experts brands that varied by location.  Additionally, the program was to generate revenue through online bookings.


Digital Touchpoint developed an email program that engages the customer in topics important to the efficient operation of their HVAC system.  Through the use of emails such as Important Tune-Up Reminders, Welcome Home Newsletter, Special Offers, and a Filter Change Reminder, Service Experts is engaging customers in a relevant, profitable relationship.

Using the DT Marketing Platform, we implemented 110 different brand-specific offers for the campaign, allowing Service Experts’ Marketing Managers to update offers as required and present unique offers by recipient.

The first campaign was a “Winter Replacement” offer featuring discounts on new equipment.  The specific offer and incentive varied by location taking into account the geography of the service center.  To encourage appointments, recipients were directed from the email to an online appointment request form.


The initial Winter Replacement email campaign generated more than $175,000 in online appointments, and phone appointments with the call center increased as well.  The costs to execute this program were small, with a significant ROI.

Additionally, using behavioral targeting, Service Experts can refine their target campaigns based on previous actions taken by recipients.


This type of campaign is particularly relevant for companies:

  • That are geographically branded and have offers and services that need to be localized;
  • Provide services to consumers on a fairly infrequent basis and need to stay engaged in between purchases.
  • Have services that are appropriate in between major services