Email Engagement and Marketing

We create automated customer engagement programs that revolve around personalization, data segmentation, and relevancy.  Our Touchpoint Platform enables email marketing efforts for multiple brands, multiple locations, and franchise businesses.  We can send one message with unlimited variations based on our client’s objectives.

Services that can be part of an email marketing strategy include:

  • Create a strategy for engagement email marketing efforts
  • Campaign management that allows for highly personalized and relevant campaigns that enable delivery of the right message at the right time.
  • Creation of customer segments based on demographic or behavioral data.
  • Creative services for content creation and visual elements
  • Deliverability management
  • Multi-brand preference center design
  • Multi-brand opt out center design
  • Customer Engagement optimization
  • Advanced reporting with location specific campaign results including open-rates, click-rates, effective rates, conversion rates, etc.