Not all past customers are ready to buy right now, making lead nurturing campaigns crucial to transforming customers into repeat customers, as well as engaged prospects into first-time customers.  Lead nurturing allows you to engage past (or even inactive) customers and prospects, and allow your brand to break through the clutter so these past customers and prospects “don’t forget about you.”

From creating simple drip e-mails, to sophisticated nurturing campaigns with multiple tracks and decision points, we are capable of delivering content to potential new and repeat customers throughout the sales life cycle.

Services include:

  • Create a nurturing strategy and plan based on specific business objectives;
  • Implement technology to capture and route opportunities in real-time;
  • Automatically score opportunities in real time based on specific criteria and immediately divert qualified leads to sales teams;
  • Deliver reports that track sales directly back to lead-nurturing efforts and prove return on investment;
  • Continual optimization of message timing and content based on discoveries made in reports.