Transactional Messaging

Transactional emails are a response to a customer action such as an receipts, appointment confirmation, order confirmation, shipping notification, or welcome message.  Therefore, transactional emails have a significantly higher open, click, and conversion rates than regular email campaign messages.  While the main focus of your messages is information regarding the transaction that took place, our transactional messaging platform allows you to capitalize on this opportunity by presenting your customers personalized, relevant, and non invasive marketing messages.  These include:

  • Brand reinforcements unique to your business or specific product sold
  • Personalized promotional offers to drive sales
  • Cross-sell the customer related products

It is extremely common for businesses to utilize web-forms, landing pages, order forms, tele-sales, and emails to generate one-to-one transactional messages to customers.  By using a sending architecture specifically designed with deliverability and reporting in mind, triggered transactional emails reach the customers inbox within seconds. Partner immediacy with the ability to easily generate high-impact, branded HTML transactional messages that drive sales and your cost of doing business has just become a profit center.

Services included with transactional solutions:

  • Strategy for managing transactional campaigns across all business divisions
  • Suggestions for content of transactional and promotional messages
  • Implement decision points and dynamic content based on previous customer and sales data across business devisions
  • Advanced tracking and reporting that provides insight to recipient actions
    • Deliverability metrics so you can take immediate action if important messages are not reaching the intended recipient
  • Campaign analyisis to determine areas of success and optimize future campaigns